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Who We Are

The MARRON is a startup driven by the philosophy that people have different body types and sleeping styles, and hence, they should have access to a wide range of pillows to choose as per their comfort levels and personal choice.

Our product managing team performs a rigorous quality and packaging check before dispatching the products to the respective destinations. With a timely response and an effective after sales support, we always strive for the good health of our customers. High Quality Standards, Rigorous Quality Checks, Quick Response, Fast Delivery and After-Sales Support have been the root values of the organization.

At MARRON, our first project is to design products related to healthy posture. As the bad posture is the root cause of most of the body pains, we have looked on non-drug pain management through medical pillows. Currently, we have ergonomically designed lumbar support cushion, coccyx cushion, neck pillow, cervical pillow, acid reflux pillow, pregnancy pillow, and leg elevation pillow .

All our pillows are made with superior quality, eco-friendly raw materials, which are safe for our consumers as, well the environment. We invite distributors, wholesalers and retailers to join us in the drive to serve the healthcare industry better.